Advanced Suspension Systems Summit 2016

Striking the right balance of driver comfort, safety, and vehicle dynamics relies heavily on a vehicle’s suspension system. Integrating advanced vehicle technologies present their own set of challenges which will be further complicated in coming years by the industry’s shift toward autonomous driving and widespread utilization of chassis lightweighting to meet global emission standards.

Current and future vehicle innovation will greatly impact the design elements for many aspects of the car, including the vehicle’s suspension system. New mobility trends are changing the requirements of vehicle suspension components and materials but must be developed with consumer requirements and cost in mind. In order to manage the evolving and complex vehicle demands, we will be bring together industry leaders to discuss advancements in valving and damping technology as well as strategies to overcome system integration challenges.

Join us in at the Advanced Suspension System Summit, which will provide a unique forum for technical leaders and engineers in suspension and chassis development to discuss advancements in passive, semi-active and active technology as well as lightweighting materials that allow for improved fuel efficiency. Join us this July in Detroit to be a part this vital discussion!

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Why this is a can't miss event for 2016:


Only conference in North America that focuses exclusively on suspension technology, requires, challenges, and consumer requirements


Outlook of Advanced Suspension Systems Market in North America and Europe: differences, and where the markets are converging


Discover new developments in passive, active and semi-active suspension systems that are improving driver comfort and safety


Vehicle efficiency: new material introduction in existing suspension system to reduce weight and CO2 emissions


Reviewing advancements in damping technology, including adaptive, electromagnetic and electronically controlled


Understanding future mobility trends and what these will require of suspension systems, including semi- and fully autonomous driving


Reviewing suspension development and integration strategies that drive improved vehicle dynamics and driver comfort


Find out about suspension systems for EVs and HEV’s and how they are being integrated into the vehicle for maximum energy efficiency


Reviewing improved chassis/vehicle dynamics solution and test methods in order to reduce time to market and improve system robustness

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